#097: An Interview With Dennis McIntee [Podcast]


Dennis McIntee

You’ve heard it said one is lucky if in their lifetime they have only a handful of true friends. The truth is, a person is incredibly fortunate if they have two or three all-in kind of friends in their life! I’m fortunate to be sharing one of those friends in my own life with you today.

Relationships come and go. As you and I grow and pursue what the Father has for us, we find not everyone is willing to go where we’re called to go.

In today’s episode I want to share a little more about my journey the last few years, and how along the way it’s been necessary to evaluate relationships and make adjustments in order to continue our progress. I’m thrilled to bring to you my Interview With Dennis McIntee

More about Dennis:

For the last 25 years, Dennis has traveled extensively working with leaders to uncover their personal and organizational constraints in order to build high-trust, high-performance cultures. The first 15 years of his career was in pastoral ministry in the U.S. and Europe.

A whole new world opened up to Dennis when he realized these same principles that changed people’s lives could also change their companies. In 2004, he formed The Leadership Development Group to help leaders win at the game of work and the business of life.

Dennis is passionate about helping leaders develop their coaching skills. When a leader improves, their organization improves. He keynotes frequently at leadership seminars, as well as appearing in magazines, newspapers, trade journals, and on national radio and TV.

He is the author of The Power of Pursuit, People Smart, Time Mastery, and most recently The 8 Qualities of Drama Free Teams.

Dennis McIntee Book

Disappointed In Your Team’s Results? Are you frustrated because your team doesn’t produce results fast enough? Stressed out because you spend your time putting out fires produced by team drama? The 8 Qualities Of Drama Free Teams will give you the tools you need to accomplish more in less time. This practical handbook shows you 8 different leadership strategies you can use today to see immediate changes in your organization. You don’t have to tolerate the drama. You can lead a high-trust, high-performance team that produces results. And you can do it without putting in more hours, and without working harder. Inside this book, you’ll discover:
• The one coaching question that causes people to take personal responsibility.
• A proven feedback formula that creates behavioral change.
• How to unlock the 4 drivers of human motivation to help your team get more done in less time.
Read The 8 Qualities Of Drama Free Teams and start doing more, with less stress, and zero drama.

Connect With Dennis:

Dennis’ website: leadershipprocess.com


Closing Thoughts:

Pastors in transition who would like to reach out to Brian and Dennis may do so by E-mailing us at support@brianholmes.com.

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