#001: Strategic Living w/ Brian Holmes – An Introduction [Podcast]


Strategic Living Podcast with Brian Holmes Ep 001

“Welcome everyone to the FIRST EVER episode of ‘Strategic Living’. My name is Brian Holmes, and it is a joy to have you join us on this, our maiden voyage into the podcasting world! This podcast is all about ‘Transforming Minds, Developing Leaders, and Changing Nations’.

In this initial episode, we provide you with an introduction to the Strategic Living Podcast. Be sure to click the ‘Continue Reading’ link for complete show notes to this episode.

A little about me

  • Married to Sabrina Holmes for 24 years
  • We have two amazing children; Christian, who is 18 and Abigail, who is 15
  • Christian has just recently graduated high school and will be attending Hardin-Simmons University in the Fall of 2013
  • I recently posted about my son and our journey with him at brianholmes.com/christian
  • I am an Author, Speaker, Pastor, Personal Development Coach, Business Consultant
  • I have traveled to 18 countries in the last 17 years teaching leaders, sharing the message of healing the broken soul, and activating men and women into their full potential
  • For more information on Brian Holmes International, please see the About Us page

My story

For a more detailed account of my story, I invite you to check out the blog post series entitled ‘Healing The Broken Soul’. at the recording of this podcast, I have published Part One and Part Two in this series. More to come…

In this Episode, I mentioned a training experience that Sabrina and I attended that completely changed our lives forever. To this day, we are referring individuals to this program, as we believe in what it can do for a person who is willing to apply themselves and receive healing.
There are TWO companies that provide a very similar training experience. Both are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area:

The Podcast

  • We want to engage with you concerning YOUR life; your destiny; your purpose
  • So many people have he desire to succeed and fulfill their purpose, but they struggle with knowing WHO they really are
  • They grapple with the pain and hurt of the past
  • They are bound by guilt, shame, limiting beliefs
  • They long to be free and to become what God intended, but they just don’t know where to begin
  • That is what this PODCAST is about
  • I want to come into your world; come along side; provide you with information, inspiration, tools that lead to transformation, and ultimately activation
  • My desire is to make some contribution in your life that will make a difference
  • There is something powerful that God intends for you to be; something significant that only you can do
  • Whatever is holding you back; whatever discoveries need to be made; whatever healing needs to take place …
  • This podcast is a resource that I believe will help you in that process

The Strategic Living Podcast will feature not only powerful content, but will also serve as a means of connecting our audience to other leaders in the areas of healing, personal transformation, leadership development, and success motivation. It is my goal that this program be your greatest resource for personal transformation and development. Our desire is to build a community of individuals who are dedicated to becoming all God has intended them to be, and who are willing to help others do the same.

“Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” – Proverbs 27:17

Here are a few things you can look forward to:

  • Teaching segments
  • Interviews with great leaders and experts in the field of ‘Strategic Living’
  • Your questions being answered ‘on-the-air’
  • Free tools and resources for our subscribed listeners
  • Webinars and other learning/growth opportunities
  • And so much more!

How can you join the conversation and be a part?

  1. Subscribe to our updates at www.BrianHolmes.com
  2. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, Blackberry, Zune, or other services.
  3. Share this with your friends and associates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.
  4. Leave your comments (bottom of this post) and dialogue with others as they work towards their own freedom and development


  1. Romania Leadership Mission
  2. If you would like to have me speak at your church, conference, or event, please visit by speaking page at www.brianholmes.com/speaking
  3. Ties That Bind Online – Coming in Fall 2013 – for more info visit www.brianholmes.com/ties-that-bind
  4. Become a Certified Professional Coach – August 12-13. 2013 (Dallas) and September 13-14, 2013 (Dallas)

I trust that something we’ve shared today has challenged you to pursue God’s very best for your life, be healed from the past, be transformed in your mind and heart, and be activated to fulfill your unique purpose and destiny.

If you’d like to COMMENT ON THIS EPISODE, please go to BrianHolmes.com, go to the show notes for this episode and scroll down to the comments section. I would love to hear from you— comment, question, or whatever.

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“Until next time, remember … You were made in His image, designed for a purpose, and are destined for greatness.God Bless!

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5 thoughts on “#001: Strategic Living w/ Brian Holmes – An Introduction [Podcast]

  1. Hi Brian, is there a program similar to Pathways in the Houston area? By the way, my husband grew up in Mesquite, TX. : )

    Have a blessed day!

    • Jennifer,

      Sorry it’s taken me a bit to reply. I am not aware of a similar company in Houston. My wife and I have referred people from all over the country to Pathways, as well as another company called SOS Zac’s Ridge, both of which are in Dallas. I will tell you this, a major part of the training is about you ‘getting away’ from your familiar surroundings so that you can really focus on yourself. Both of these companies require that you stay in the hotel where the training is taking place. I would be happy to talk to you personally. Please give my office a call, and leave your number. I will contact you next week when I get back in town.


      Brian Holmes

      • Thank you Brian. Your reply is very helpful. I will talk to my hubby about signing up for Pathways. We did talk about it a little last night. He can visit his parents while I go to the conference since his parents live in Plano.

        Btw – a dear friend of mine introduced me to Strategic Living: Pam. Love that woman and I am thoroughly enjoying your podcasts / site. I’m telling everyone about you. God bless you.

        Have a blessed week.


        • I would be happy to help connect you with the folks at Pathways. In fact, they will ask you if you have a sponsor. Please feel free to list Sabrina and I as such. Also, please let us know when you attend. We would love to meet you … maybe have lunch. Blessings!

        • By the way, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to subscribe for our weekly E-Mail updates, and thank you so much for sharing us with the world.

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