#372: Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

The 4 Cornerstones: Personal Discovery

Who Am I, and Why Am I Here?

This is the million dollar question … one that so many never find the answer to.

My premise is that every person is born with a unique and God-given purpose/destiny, and inherently possesses the capacity to realize it in their lifetime. The challenge is that LIFE tends to teach us what we can and can’t have. It systematically conditions us to expect LESS THAN what we were born to achieve. Over time, it regulates the very real possibilities down to an erroneous and limiting mindset.

So What About Discovery?

In order to reclaim our design and destiny, a real life RE-BOOT may be in order This is the process of inventorying and investigating what we have available to us, and re-setting our beliefs and expectations to the FACTS as God knows them.

In this session, we look closely at The Process of Discovery, and how Personal Identity plays a determining factor in our success in every area of life.

How a History Lesson Can Change Your Future

boat escape

It was the year 1519 when Hernán Cortés, with some 600 Spaniards, 16 or more horses, and 11 boats, had landed on a vast inland plateau referred to as The Yucatán Peninsula or, as we know it, Mexico. The Spanish conquistador and his men were about to embark on a mission to overcome and conquer a powerful empire that hoarded some of the world’s most awesome treasures.

Should they succeed in their conquest mission, gold, silver, and precious jewels were only a part of what awaited as their reward in victory. 

#371: The #1 Key To Unlocking Your Potential

The 4 Cornerstones: Personal Healing

We are continuing our series on The 4 Cornerstones for Strategic Living

In our last session, we looked at the importance of building your life strategically and intentionally, and doing so on a solid foundation

To review, the 4 Cornerstones are:

  • Personal Healing
  • Personal Discovery
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Deployment

Today, I will share with you “The #1 Key to Unlocking Your Full Potential”. Over my many years of coaching, counseling, mentoring, and pastoring, I have found that most individuals find themselves performing at a level below what they are truly capable of, AND, experiencing results in life far beneath what God intended.

Why? There are unreconciled, unresolved areas in their heart and life that must be addressed so that they can be unlocked, unleashed, and unhindered in their pursuit of fulfillment and meaning.

In this episode, we will look at this critical cornerstone called Personal Healing.

9 Life Lessons to Keep You Focused Forward

lessons focused

Life really is a journey. Even though we set goals, even though we have dreams and aspirations, or specific outcomes we desire, it’s the journey that ultimately teaches us, grows us, and defines us.

The journey of our life is all about the discipline of deciding. Life is a series of decisions, and it’s a daily discipline. It’s about doing the things very few people are willing to do in order to have or to accomplish the things very few ever accomplish.

Let me share with you lessons I’ve learned along this journey of life, and how you can apply them to your own life, dreams, and goals today.

#370: A Proven Framework for Building a Life of Impact and Significance [Podcast]

The 4 Cornerstones: An Introduction

This podcast episode is the first in a series of sessions on the “The 4 Cornerstones for Strategic Living”.

In this series, we will introduce you to the concept of Strategic Living. Specifically, we will be looking at how you can build the life you were designed for and want, with the tools you already have. It’s really about setting a solid foundation.

Today, I begin with  … A Proven Framework for Building a Life of Impact and Significance.