#149: Rainy Day Wisdom [Podcast]

7 Things To Remember When Going Through A Personal Storm


Personal Storm

For certain in life, we’re going to have rainy days. Days when things don’t go the way we thought they would. There will be days or entire seasons even, filled with trials, difficulty, challenges….STUFF!

There will be moments where it seems as though everything is in flux and nothing in life is certain. What do you do when the overwhelming “funk” settles over you?

How do you handle it when the National Weather Service of LIFE interrupts your regularly scheduled programming to notify you a severe storm is right on top of you?

On today’s program, we’re unpacking some Rainy Day Wisdom: 7 Things To Remember When Going Through A Personal Storm.

7 Keys For Conquering Change

Conquering Change

There are many ways in which you can experience transition, and likewise, many ways you can muddle through it. Regardless of the nature of your transition, there are seven keys I’m sharing today to help you successfully navigate through your season of change.

These principles are going to help you recognize, identify, and properly navigate this season. The great Tony Robbins said: “Change is inevitable, but progress is optional.” We all face change. It’s how we handle it that counts.

These seven keys will help you handle whatever changes you’re up against today, or what you may find yourself navigating in the future.

#148: Monday Mastery – The 3M Leadership Formula (Persistent Motivation)


Welcome to our video blog and Monday Mastery Edition of our Strategic Leader Podcast with Brian Holmes! Each Monday, we provide a video & podcast audio segment designed to encourage, motivate, challenge, and develop you as a leader and influencer.

In this episode, I explore The 3M Leadership Formula: Persistent Motivation.

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#147: Being Different Is Underrated [Podcast]

Why Embracing Your Uniqueness Is The Key To Leadership Influence


Being Different

Fitting in, being accepted, understood, going along to get along, political correctness – the list goes on and on! Theese are presented to us every day from so many angles and viewpoints.

We’re constantly comparing ourselves to everyone else and measuring how unique we are based on the level of sameness we have with everyone else. It’s a disease!

Whatever happened to being who God made you to be? I want to challenge you today and propose Being Different is Underrated! Embracing your uniqueness is one of the essential keys to leadership influence. Let’s explore this together, shall we?

The Truth About Affirmations & Confessions


I’m willing to bet most of us don’t comprehend or realize the importance of affirmations and positive confessions. This is a real shame, considering the profound impact those have in our lives and our futures.

Remember Abraham? At nearly 100 years old, God told him, “You’re going to have a son.” Abraham chuckled and thought, “Yeah right.” Eventually, as his faith was locked in with what heaven’s will was, Abraham stood firm in the promise.

His belief was grounded in a place other than in the natural. You cannot look at your circumstance and accept it to be more powerful than the truth God has spoken about it. I love when people say, “That’s just not reality.” What reality are you subscribing to?

Any person who selects a goal in life which can be fully achieved has already defined his own limitations.

Cavett Robert