#236: Strategic Influencers In The Marketplace

Revisiting Our Interview With Dennis McIntee


Relationships come and go. As you and I grow and pursue what the Father has for us, we find not everyone is willing to go where we’re called to go.

In this revisited episode I share a little about my journey the last few years, and how along the way it’s been necessary to evaluate relationships and make adjustments in order to continue our progress. I’m thrilled to bring to you my Interview With Dennis McIntee

6 Principles for Getting The Results You Want

You’ve heard it said principles will work for you if you apply them, and these are certainly no exception. They may be a little unorthodox, or different from what you’v heard before, but these principles will work on an entirely different level for you. If you apply them, that is.

Want results? Want a roadmap for your next step? It just so happens these principles will provide that – IF – you apply them.

I find my greatest pleasure, and so my reward, in the work that precedes what the world calls success.
Thomas Edison

#235: Monday Mastery – Spring Cleaning


Welcome to our video blog and Monday Mastery Edition of our Strategic Leader Podcast with Brian Holmes! Each Monday, we provide a video & podcast audio segment designed to encourage, motivate, challenge, and develop you as a leader and influencer.

Spring time in these parts means a fresh start, and the infamous spring cleaning! I’m not just talking about dusting and vacuuming, but cleaning out the physical, emotional, and even the unnoticed clutter from your life. If you have clutter, you’re polluting your potential!

Watch the video or download and listen to our audio file as well. Join us every Monday for a new Monday Mastery Edition of our Strategic Leader podcast, and every Thursday for a new in-depth episode.

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#234: When Market And Ministry Collide

Revisiting Convergence


We Have “Them and Us” Syndrome

One of the greatest travesties I’ve witnessed in my lifetime is intentional separation between the church and the marketplace. This mindset has crippled our ability to bring heaven on earth, and has paralyzed us in becoming relevant change agents in the culture.

On today’s program, I want to share with you the importance of Convergence: When Market And Ministry Collide.

A New Lease On An Old Dream

Recently we had a big move, transitioning out of an office I’ve worked from for many years, to a new – yet old – office. Previously, I drove several miles from home to a space I shared with several other people and businesses. Don’t get me wrong – that office led to some incredible relationships with some incredible people and served me so well the time I was there.

It was time, however, for a change. It was time to up the ante. At just the right time, I was introduced to the owner of my new building, and now am in a beautiful, rustic office. I am so grateful for this new office for so many reasons, including it’s close proximity to my home and family, my relationship with the landlord who owns it, and especially his story of how the building came to be.

I wanted to share the history of my new home-away-from-home with you all today, and hope you can apply some valuable life-lessons from its history, as well as its current purpose.

Wondering how on earth you could learn a life-lesson from an office building? Listen in and I promise you, it will be a story well worth hearing.