7 Ways to Leave the Status Quo Behind

apart status quo

What is the status quo? Ronald Reagan once said that the term “status quo” was simply code for “this mess we’re in.”

Simply stated, the status quo equals more of the same. If you were to go back into your recent history and evaluate the different areas of your life, finances, business, career, marriage, relationships with your children, with your extended family, spiritual life, physical health, can you say now you are much farther down the road, or would you say it’s pretty much plateaued?

#368: Are You Stable or Stagnant? [Podcast]

There Is No Growth Without Change

So many strive for stability and normalcy, but what they are actually doing is sentencing themselves to stagnation and lifelessness.

69% of the world’s population values STABILITY above progress. Said another way, they would rather maintain the status quo that move forward or upward in life. You’ve heard me say this many times … “Living things grow, and growing things change”.

In this episode, we look at the very subtle and, sometimes deceptive differences between maintaining stability and becoming stagnant. We’ll also look at signs and indicators of being stagnant, and how you can break free from the pattern and begin moving again.

Are You Expecting to Fail?

wait expectations fail

Have you been pinned to unfair expectations placed on you by others? No doubt you have. We all seem to fall short of what others think or expect of us at some point.

What about this… have you ever been let down by not meeting up to expectations you’ve set on yourself? Let’s talk about this dilemma of setting your own expectations.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it will achieve,” someone once said. A scripture I often reference states, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

#367: A Personal Update [Podcast]

A special peek behind the curtain as Brian navigates seasons of life

This is our FIRST episode back after a summer sabbatical. In this episode, I want to update you on our journey, share some changes with you, and give you a very transparent look at how the Holmes family is navigating seasons of change and progress.

I will also be giving you a preview of what is to come on the Strategic Living Podcast, as we are in the BETA phase of rolling out some big changes with the podcast, BrianHolmes.com, and Strategic Influencers, LLC.

The Importance of Giving Life to a Dead Dream

giving life dead dream

When you think of new beginnings, you may think of new dreams entirely. I want to challenge you, however, to recall a dream you may have neglected or forgotten about. I want you to dust off your dream.

Many of us in this most recent year have experienced a barrage of negative inputs. Rarely could we turn on the news in our country or around the world and not be bombarded with negative news, political wranglings, or all kinds of name-calling. It sometimes feels as if it’s been a very difficult season.