#379: How Personal and Family Leadership Determines Your Legacy

Leadership Series - Part 2

Leadership IS influence … and influence is everything. Mine and your ability to impact the world around us is directly proportional to the effectiveness of our leadership.

Leadership, however, is not a linear thing. There are angles and insights and yes, BLIND SPOTS! What we need is a 360° Leadership Approach.

That’s what we are talking about in this session; “The 4 Pillars of Personal Leadership”.

How to Build Your Future on a Solid Foundation

building foundation

Before you begin to do any groundwork, you have to know and be clear about what it is you’re going to build.

While I won’t focus this blog post on vision or clarity, I feel it is important I mention this: Vision and clarity are essential elements of success in your life, leadership, business, and ministry. You need a succinct vision and total clarity on what it is you want to build since you can’t just start throwing things together.

#378: Leadership, Influence, and Why The World Needs You

Leadership Series: Part One

This session represents the first in a new series on Leadership and Strategic Influence. My intention is to challenge you to accept the challenge to LEAD your generation.

You see, I want you to know that the life you are currently living is NOT all you can have. The circumstances taking place in your personal world, and the world around you are the result of someone’s leadership … maybe not your own. Someone has determined that this is where you should be, and because we are all people pleasers in one way or another, we tend to GO ALONG to GET ALONG.

Well I am here today to say that is not going to cut it. It is my desire today to shake you up, and call you out.

In this NEW series, we’re going to look at LEADERSHIP, Influence, and Why the World Needs YOU!

The Personal Character of Strategic Leadership

character leadership

Leadership requires a certain acknowledgment and even a mastery of certain core principles. In my experience coaching and developing leaders, I’ve found four strategic areas that are essential to the development of a healthy, capable leader.

Coincidentally, these four strategic areas all begin with the letter C. They are character, competence, confidence, and communication.