ANNOUNCEMENT: For the first time in 6 years …

For those who are wondering why there was no podcast posted today, this is for you. For everyone else, here’s a brief announcement regarding the blog, podcast, and YouTube you’ll want to be aware of.

Most of you know I embarked on a 30-Day Reboot Project the beginning of January. This has already proven to be a powerful and enlightening process for me personally.  (Click Here to check out Episodes 381-385)

What I recognized a couple of weeks ago is in order for me to fully experience what I believe God has for me in this process, I need to take some “real time away” from the day to day creation/management of the content side of our operation.

Therefore, I will not be publishing any new content for the month of February.

During this time I will continue to work with my coaching and consulting clients, mastermind group, and to do a few speaking engagements. Most importantly,  I am leveraging this time to identify the ways I can most effectively serve YOU.

Stay tuned for some really BIG news which I will share in the very near future.

#385: Making Room For The Magnificent

Fresh Beginnings Series – Part Five

Not too long ago I noticed my computer was slowing down a bit. In fact, simple clicks on commands were causing this little spinning beach ball (a.k.a. “the wheel of death” to show up on my screen, and things were at a stand still!

After a while, it dawned on me that something was amiss.

Upon investigation, I determined that my computer’s hard drive was at 99% capacity, and because of this, my machine was struggling to process all I needed it to do.

Solution? – Make ROOM!

That’s what I did. It took me investing a good bit of time, but I cleaned off my hard drive, deleted tons of files, transferred others to storage, and even defragged my hard drive.

You may say, what does this have to do with anything?

It has EVERYTHING to do with you and me.

In order for new, beneficial things to be added to us, and for those things to function efficiently, we must make room for them.

In this episode, I’m talking about Making Room for the Magnificent.

#384: I Know What To Do, So Why Don’t I Do It?

Fresh Beginnings Series – Part Four

Every aspect of life is governed by principles. 

  • Money
  • Health
  • Success
  • Prosperity
  • Relationships

While there are various dynamics in play with all of these, for the most part, if you follow basic, time-tested principles, each of these areas will manifest in a very positive way.

Whatever the category, the reality is that, in most cases, we know what to do in order to succeed and prosper. The million dollar question is …


That is what I intend to explore with you in this episode!